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Supernatural Preview of Upcoming Episode

04/27/2012 08:34:29 PM

The competition to quit the Leviathans actually started with this week's Supernatural. The Winchesters went back again on the hill cottage to regroup and Bobby halted through to offer information about Dick Roman's programs, which he noticed before he died. That's when they got a information from Frank, who cautioned that someone was attempting to enter his hard disk drive and might find information on the brothers in there.

As it works out, Dick Roman had discovered Frank's hard disk drive and requested a staff in his IT department - Charlie - to split it in just 3 days or she's fired. After Charlie saw a Leviathan killing her boss, she ran home, determined to get away. That's when the Winchesters trapped with her and they developed a strategy for Charlie to hack Dick Roman's email. Therefore started the caper, with Charlie making her way into Roman Enterprises to wash the incriminating information off Frank's hard disk and take his email messages. And also this resulted in the Winchesters getting their hands on an item important to Dick.

In upcoming week's episode, the Winchesters continue to keep develop their plan in opposition to the Leviathans and their team develops when Castiel awakens from his coma. Sam and Dean also encounter a new prophet named Kevin, who obtained his powers after being hit by a bolt of lighting. But when two Archangels desire to use Kevin for their own needs, the brothers must fight angels one more time. This episode was written and directed by Ben Edlund. Review supernatural on dvd.

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