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Logo and a 24-Hour Showgirls Marathon Will Celebrate April Fools Day

03/23/2012 01:34:00 AM

An exciting news: have you watched the 24-Hour shows? the news is about that Logo Will Celebrate April Fools Day With a 24-Hour Showgirls Marathon. It is not April Fools' joke. Logo is going to celebrate April 1st with a 24 dvd season 1-8 Salute to Great American Cinema with an all-day marathon of Paul Verhoevens heartwarming tale of a small-town girl trying to make it in the big city, Showgirls.

Now, let us pause for a second is Logo trying to argue that Showgirls is not an actual significant movie in the American NC-17 canon Sure, at the time of its theatrical release it garned a record 13 Razzie nominations and was called out by the likes of Richard Corliss for its "obscene level of incompetence, excessive inanity in the story line and gross negligence of the viewer's intelligence.

But there are plenty of people willing to go to the mat for Showgirls as something beyond a classic of so-bad-it's-goodness. This is a film, after all, which inspired a roundtable symposium in the weighty journal Film Quarterly in which Noel Burch suggested that it takes mass culture seriously, as a site of both fascination and struggle. And it takes despised melodrama seriously too, as indeed an excellent vehicle for social criticism.

So camp classic, I suggest watching the movie 24 hour dvd is one way to determine how jokey Logos being with that marathon label. so exciting!!!


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