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30 Rock Is Back Heres What You Need to Know

01/11/2012 10:13:32 PM

Tomorrow night, Liz Lemon and the TGS gang return for another season of 30 Rock. This is only a good thing, as even 30 Rock on a bad day is better than 90 percent of sitcoms on their best. (You can quote me on that, Liz!) But you're forgiven if details are hazy since last we checked in. Here are five points you need to know to get up to speed for tomorrow's Season 6 premiere:

1. Tracy Was Never in Africa
As Season 5 drew to a close, there were fears that TGS would be no more: Tracy was AWOL in Africa, and the show was put on dreaded hiatus, sending everyone in different directions looking for new jobs. (The Sing-Off!) But it turned out Tracy was hiding in New York all along. Where in New York? In Liz's apartment.

2. A Gas Leak Saved TGS
In the double-episode "100," a gas leak in the building made everyone behave strangely, including Liz, who nearly ran off with her terrible ex-boyfriend Dennis to Jacksonville while under its hallucinatory influence. With the show's very existence hanging in the balance, Liz sabotaged the gas line so the audience would find the episode hilarious. It was a hit, and Kabletown CEO Hank Hooper renewed the series for a "a billion more episodes." Hooray!

3. The Kim Jong-Il Connection
With Avery away in Asia under NBC's "hot blondes in weird places initiative," Jack was caring for their infant daughter, and found himself liking life as a single parent. He therefore encouraged Avery to stay abroad. Avery was then kidnapped by the North Korean government and brainwashed into shooting propaganda films for (the recently deceased, in real life) Kim Jong-Il. She was eventually forced to marry his son, Kim Jong Un. How will the death of Kim Jong-Il play out on this season of 30 Rock? It will be interesting to see!

4. Kenneth Became Jack's Significant Other
In the season finale, Kenneth was transformed into an Avery replacement by a lonely Jack, leading to one of Kenneth's best moments, ever: A speech, delivered in character as the abusive Avery, in which he dressed Jack down for all his crazy behavior. The best part was Kenneth doing Avery doing Kenneth. (Sadly, Hulu took the clip down.)

5. Jenna and Her Jenna-Impersonating Boyfriend Are Doing Great
It's an unlikely pairing, but who wouldn't pull for Jenna and Paul, her boyfriend who enjoys impersonating her? Their unconventional relationship was put to the test when Jenna was approached by the National Wool Council to become wool's national spokeswoman, but they came out of the closet at her Wool Council publicity shoot. Self-love knows no bounds, at least where Jenna is concerned.

Hope that helped! We'll be back Friday with our thoughts on the premiere.

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