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NCIS cast talks 200th episode plans Hawaii Five 0 crossover

01/11/2012 09:51:06 PM

CBS is getting ready to cross the streams: NCIS and Hawaii Five-0 will have a two-part crossover stunt for May sweeps.

The story will launch on a Monday with an episode of Hawaii then finish up during an NCIS hour on Tuesday. The story concerns the outbreak of a virus that is possibly being used as a murder weapon. Previously, NCIS co-star Daniela Ruah appeared on Hawaii, so it’s not the first time CBS has tried to cross-pollinate the dramas.

The news comes as the NCIS cast was at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour in Pasadena to promote its upcoming 200th episode. While the NCIS panel lacked the amazing drama of the 2 Broke Girls session, there was plenty of heart on display as the cast reminisced about the hit drama’s stellar nine years on the air.

“From the very beginning, we were a show that wasn’t good enough to get all that noticed and wasn’t bad enough to get canceled,” said star Mark Harmon. “We had a lot of time just to get to know each other and just to do this show and just to work on the foundation. And we’ve had changes along the way that have, in my opinion, greatly influenced us.  I think Cote de Pablo coming to the show was a big change for us. I think Rocky Carroll coming to the show was a big change  I think Sean Murray’s addition to the show was a big change.”

“It doesn’t feel like nine years,” he added. “There are other things on this show more important than the size of your trailer, and it’s always been about the work. In the beginning we had control over nothing except what we did each day in the work, and I believe that remains the same. These writers continue to challenge us, and there’s new things in these characters all the time … We just did the 200th episode, and that was as challenging as any episode we’ve done.”

Hinting about the upcoming 200th episode, executive producer Gary Glasberg said, “There’s a certain element to the season that’s been about decisions that our characters have faced and decisions moving forward and decisions looking back. And as far back as last summer, I sort of had a sense of what I wanted the episode to be. And it very much is about a pivotal moment  it starts with a pivotal moment for [Harmon's character] Gibbs that he faces. The episode is called ‘Life Before His Eyes,’ and it literally looks back at key moments throughout nine years of NCIS where decisions have had to be made and, had people gone one direction instead of another, that how the world would have ended up. And it brings back familiar faces, old faces, faces fans aren’t going to think they’d see again. It was a lot of fun.”

The session ended with a clip from the episode. Gibbs goes into a diner, spots a mysterious man with a covered face. They both draw their weapons, but Gibbs is seemingly too slow and we hear the sound of a gunshot.

Somehow we suspect Harmon is going to find a way stick around for awhile longer…

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