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The Secret Circle Where We Were and Whats Next

01/04/2012 10:43:01 PM

Behind on The Secret Circle DVD? Here's what you missed:

Cassie returned to Chance Harbor and discovered she's a witch in a coven. The teenage coven bound themselves together and accidentally released a demon. Said demon inhabited Nick, who was then murdered. His brother Jake took his place in the circle, but he was secretly working with witch hunters to take down the circle. The hunters kidnapped Cassie, who discovered she's full of dark magic. Cassie and the circle escaped their terrible fate, though unbeknownst to them, someone in the coven is related to Cassie and has dark magic as well!

Now let's find out what's next from executive producer Andrew Miller:

The Secret Circle Scoop: There are two of them?! What's next?

Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson)
Where We Were: After her mother was killed in a mysterious house fire, Cassie returned to her family's hometown where she discovered that she was not only a witch, but came from the evil Balcoin lineage, which is filled with dark magic.
What's Next? "Immediately, we're going to see Cassie have to confront this whole dark magic thing," Miller says. "We're going to really see Cassie's transformation into a new sense of awareness in power and strength, both the bad side of that and the insanely tempting side of that. The first half of the season, she was trying to understand herself through her mother. This half of the season, she's trying to understand herself in terms of her father. Her father's lineage plays such an important part in defining who she is."

Faye Chamberlain (Phoebe Tonkin)
Where We Were: After Faye began to lose control over her powers, the circle decided to bind themselves together, frustrating Faye, now unable to do magic on her own.
What's Next? "She's going to be pissed off because if anyone should have dark magic, it should be her," Miller notes. "She's the one who deserves it, she's the one who wants it. Immediately, she becomes distanced from Cassie. No one is more angry about all this than Faye. That anger is going to lead Faye in a direction in this half of the season that's incredibly fun and dangerous. She's a desperate girl grasping at straws to get what she wants, while she looks to her right and sees someone who has almost everything she wants."

Exclusive: The Secret Circle lands two new bad boys

Diana Meade (Shelley Hennig)
Where We Were: Living a seemingly perfect life, Diana's world was rocked by the arrival of Cassie, who made Adam's head turn on many occasions and eventually lead to their breakup.
What's Next? "Diana is a bit of a control freak," he says. "The last several years of her life have laid out exactly the way she wanted and planned until now; until Cassie [arrived], until breaking up with Adam. She's going to be struggling for a bit, but... there will be love for Diana in this half of the season, it'll just come from an unexpected place."

Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker)
Where We Were: After being told he and Cassie were destined to be together, Adam and Diana's relationship began to crumble, leading to their eventually breakup.
What's Next? "Adam will be incredibly conflicted [about his feelings for Cassie] from the beginning," Miller says. "Diana is pushing Adam away, Jake is gone and it's a good time to explore Cassie. If he doesn't explore that, he's selling himself short and maybe screwing up every relationship in the future, even if he ever gets back with Diana. He needs to understand what the deal is between him and Cassie. The closer he gets to understanding that, the more he becomes concerned about who she really is because she's only discovering who she is now. That's going to be a real conflict for everyone."

The Secret Circle's Britt Robertson dishes on the mystery of John Blackwell

Melissa Glaser (Jessica Parker Kennedy)
Where We Were: She finally gained some sense of self when she began dating Nick, but then he was inhabited by a demon and killed by Dawn and Charles.
What's Next? "Melissa had a taste of empowerment, and will continue to, but there's a reason that she turned to a guy like Nick to begin with, and there's a reason she's been in Faye's shadow for a long time," he teases. "She has some demons in her, literally and figuratively, that she needs to figure out. We're going to put her through a little more hell before she comes to terms with everything."

Jake Armstrong (Chris Zylka)
Where We Were: Still angry over the events that took place 16 years ago, claiming the lives of many of the coven's parents, Jake began working with the witch hunters to take down the current circle, but lost his nerve when he began to develop feelings for Cassie.
What's Next? "I don't think he can be trusted," Miller reveals. "Him coming back to Chance Harbor feels like the stupidest thing he could possibly do because there's no one in the circle that wants him there, but he is going to come back. He only comes back because he has to, knowing full well that no one wants him there and no one is going to trust him. When he does come back, it's because there's no choice — someone in the circle will need him to or else they're in big trouble."

The Secret Circle Exclusive: Hunter's Stepfanie Kramer to play creepy Charles' mom

Charles Meade and Dawn Chamberlain (Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge)
Where We Were: Pulling the strings from the shadows, they finally reunited the circle, only to be forced to kill the inhabited Nick. To cover up their many misdeeds — including killing an elder — they had to tamper with Jane Blake's memory.
What's Next? "We're going to find out that Dawn is a little bit more Machiavellian and diabolical than even Charles knows," Miller says. "The consequences of their actions come calling in this next episode, 'Darkness.' The way they both react to that will redefine their relationship and force them into positions that they had never intended to be in. We love those two together — whether they're fighting or the opposite of fighting — which I couldn't speak to right now, but they're just a fun couple together. We're going to throw drunk Ethan [Adam Harrington] into the mix also because they were all part of the same circle when they were younger. The younger circle will find out a little more about what happened 16 years ago."

The Circle
Where We Were: After binding their circle, they lost Nick to a demon, and then were nearly murdered themselves by the witch hunters.
What's Next? "The circle is heading down a road that their parents had headed down very unsuccessfully," he says. "Unless they figure that out and come up with a way to avoid it, they're screwed. The first half [of the season] was about binding the circle and coming together to create more power as a group than they could individually. This next half will be ripping that apart, and putting them in great danger, both individually and as a group.

What are you most looking forward to?

The Secret Circle DVD returns Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.

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