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Parker Has a Sweet Realization About Hardison

12/11/2011 11:21:58 PM

This Sunday at 9/8c, TNT’s Leverage Season 4 DVD release presents “The Girls’ Night Out Job” aka one half of a split-narrative story that concludes next week with – you guessed it — “The Boys’ Night Out Job.” In the distaff side of the story, Parker and Sophie hit the bars with gal pals to get away from the “office,” only to get caught up in a caper. Along the way, Parker phones-a-hacker-friend, Hardison, paving the way for some fun, flirty and jealous moments.

TVLine invited Beth Riesgraf to preview the girls’ big night, share her wish for a bit more ‘Harker’ romance, and look ahead to the guest star-studded, “dam” fun season finale.

TVLINE | What was reaction when you first heard of the plan for this “Girls’ Night Out”/”Boys’ Night Out” two-parter?
I was excited, like, ‘Woo-hoo! We’ve never done this before!” I also wondered, what sort of girly circumstances is Parker going to find herself in? I always love those awkward social moments when she’s trying to be sexy or flirty and it goes terribly wrong. Also, Jeri Ryan coming back (as grifter Tara) was amazing.

TVLINE | What circumstances split the girls away from the boys?
We decide that everybody needs night of fun – it’s been work, work, work – and Sophie (played by Gina Bellman) wants to meet up with Tara, go out, meet some men and have a good time. Parker makes plans with her friend Peggy (The Groundlings’ Lisa Schurga) to have a drink, but Parker, never fully able to get out of work mode, smells something fish about Peggy’s date. The cool part is that she starts calling Hardison (Aldis Hodge) because she needs him to look stuff up for her, and he’s out with the guys who give him s–t for answering the phone and stuff. It’s a dynamic you’ve never seen before between the two of us, and it’s kind of cute.

TVLINE | Do we see any of Hardison’s side of the story this week, or just Parker’s?
You’ll see snippets of him, but the bits and pieces will make total sense next week when you see the guys’ episode unfold. It’s hysterical. Aldis and all those guys (Timothy Hutton, Christian Kane) have really funny bits, and the guest stars on “The Boys’ Night Out” were fantastic as well. The fans will get a kick out of putting the clues together.

TVLINE | Aldis told me that he, Tim and Christian regressed about 10 years during their shoot.
Oh my god, it was ridiculous. The girls were like, “It’s so nice to have a break from the boys,” and the boys were like, “All right! It’s guy time!” So classic. And they were night shoots, so everybody was extra-loopy.

TVLINE | Now remind us, who’s Peggy?
Parker actually met Peggy during Season 1, on “The Juror #6 Job.” I love that they brought her back because it’s nice to see that they’ve continued this friendship — though Peggy still doesn’t know what Parker does for a living. At one point she’s like, “Alice, I know your secret – you’re a spy!” [Laughs] Parker realizes that friendship means a lot to her, and in the end, in a weird way, she realizes more about how she feels about Hardison. It’s very sweet.

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