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Who Won America Next Top Model All Stars

12/07/2011 10:08:27 PM

It was down to Lisa D'Amato, Allison Harvard and Angelea Preston in the America's Next Top Model Season 16 dvd release All-Stars finale Wednesday night. In a poll,readers chose Allison to win by a wide margin — 74 percent compared to Lisa's 14 percent and Angelea's 12 percent. Was the prediction correct?
Lisa - Her high-energy personality came through in the photo shoot, and her eyes popped with the rock star-like makeup job they did on her. After some coaching, her overdone spokesperson skills were toned down enough to win Jay Manuel's approval.
Allison — Uh-oh! Those huge eyes of hers started to water in the sunlight... again! The beauty shot was so important, but luckily she looked just as good with her eyes closed, which also showed off the product to advantage. Commercial-wise, she was lukewarm and very blah to begin with. Even her better take seemed a bit timid.
Angelea — She owned her photo shoot, no problems. Her commercial, on the other hand, had too much personality. The anti-Allison for sure.

The Beauty in Vogue beach shoot for Vogue Italia was next, and strangely, there was not much said about it other than Allison bleaching her brows. What? Later, Jay informed the girls that their final challenge would require them to swim across a pool, fly through the air and then walk the runway to the songs they wrote themselves. No biggie. It all had to do with the transformation into a goddess or some such Greek homage. He also noted that this was the first season that three finalists walked in the last runway challenge.

The Final Runway:
Lisa — Girl tried to get all fancy by flipping around in the water, which means she got lost in the tiny pool and ended up at a side wall. She recouped and made it out in time to run backstage for a rubdown and outfit change. The wind was crazy, and her train everywhere, but she embraced the elemental side and added fun bounce to her walk.
Angelea — She was stressed out because she can't really swim, but she made it across the pool fine (it helps that it was wade-able). Her maiden flight went without incident, and her runway was strong and also had signature personality.
Allison — She wowed the judges by holding her breath a long time as she swam, which allowed her to do more in the water.  She was very rightfully nervous about the power of the wind after landing. She's super-tiny, even by Top Model standards.

Turns out that Angelea told the producers some mysterious information that disqualified her from the competition. What was it? No clue, Top Model certainly didnt enlighten us. But according to unconfirmed online speculation, Angelea leaked information that — wait for it — she had won the competition, which got her the boot and forced producers to reshoot the finale.

In any case, only Lisa and Allison would be up for the title. So much for the first finale ever with three contenders.

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